You Have A Voice

In your home, with your family, with your friends, you have a voice.

Speak. Tell your story. Share what you have seen and heard, the experiences you have shoved way down deep. The questions you have had. The confusion you have felt. Use wisdom, follow the Holy Spirit, but don't back down. He is using each and every one of us to shine a light. You have a voice. Silence is not protection. Every single person who has ever been a member of MSC has had or is having serious and important questions, questions that are Biblically significant to ask, to speak aloud, to talk about with trusted friends and family members.

When you have the courage to speak, with wisdom, with grace, with truth, with kindness and self-control and with the guiding of the Holy Spirit, you will find that many among you have the same concerns, the same inner conflicts, and are hearing the same Holy Spirit in their hearts. 

Don't be afraid. He is always with you.